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2020 going strange2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by PastryDog - November 27th, 2020

Things have turned weird a bit haha..

So I'm now in the Netherlands seeking asylum. I reached to the Netherlands like 3 weeks ago, spend like 1 day with family and the next day I was placed into the asylum procedure, with a lot of people who's countries are constantly in a crisis. Due to me being from Venezuela, I was able to also seek for asylum, however I still wont know if my case has been accepted for a good while. I hope it is, cause my family is literally here in the Netherlands, and my dad is in spain. Majority of my family is out of Venezuela due to the situation over there, so yeah, I really hope they accept my case. The thing that might screw me over is me staying for over 10 years in St.Maarten, but like... I couldn't even get papers there cause they screwed me over with the god damn insurance policy. so honestly wtf could I have done?` I really, really hope this doesn't turn out to be a bad thing in the eyes of immigration.

I've traveled around for a bit here in the Netherlands due to the asylum thing, first being in this tent place they put you to sleep for one night, where they give you this flimsy blanket, and my god was that shit cold af jesus christ, and then they place you in a place in Budel where you're sharing a room with like five people. Thankfully Most of my roommates where really nice, they where angels. They gave us food there in a place and there where other places where you could read books, do sports etc etc. I stayed there for like... a week and a few days, and now I'm currently in Zutphen where I'm sharing a room with a really nice Cuban girl named Rachel. She's super nice, and honestly I feel lucky I was placed with her. In here though you don't get food, you gotta buy it yourself with the money they place in your account every week. and that money is like... 40 euros, which honestly is nothing... but you can buy groceries though, and since food here is super cheap, i guess it's not that bad. I share the kitchen, washing machine and the bathroom with like 6 other people, and sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable but it is what it is tbh. It's not that bad. Just gotta find the time where people are not using the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

So far though, I've been feeling great. I finally feel like I can live my own life, even if it's under these circumstances. I was given the option to stay with my mother but... I honestly feel so much better on my own to be honest. I love my mother, and I love her company, but sometimes it's too much for me, especially now that I'm a bit grown. I'm no longer a little girl, even if she sees me as one. I want to be taken seriously. I wanna make my own decisions, I want to live my own life without her having to say anything about it. So honestly? These days I've been the happiest I've ever been. My roommate is awesome, I can go out (even though money is limited), soon I'll have my own train card and everything, like... I'm good right now, and things in the future will (hopefully) get even better, with me having a job, or being in school and whatnot. So honestly, looking forward to the future. Talking about the future, I'm excited for next summer! my boyfriend is coming to visit, and my god am I super duper excited because of that. I havent seen him in ages, and well. We do talk every single day but... I want to see him in person. Get to see him, touch him, feel him. I'm incredibly excited to see him. I miss him a lot.

Today I finally got an adapter for my laptop, since the plug my laptop charger has is an american plug, and for some reason it was extremely difficult to find an adapter anywhere. Today I went in to the Centrum here in Zutphen, and asked around for an electronic store until I finally found one, and my god, felt so blessed to finally find a damn adapter to FINALLY use my computer. It's been weeks, so god bless. I was also able to buy new boots, pants and a jacket thanks to black friday today, so super happy with all of my purchases today. I'm not buying anything else for a while! I'm good rn. like.... really good. rn im just chilling, so im probs gonna eat left overs later lol.

Hopefully things in my asylum procedure move quickly. For now though, I'm just hoping for the best and to have a wonderful time. Until next time!

-Dog <3